Celebrities and fashion bloggers all over the world are adopting the trend of boho clothing, and it looks better than ever! You’ll see the boho style on girls at music festivals and people who live the free-spirited life.

If you are still wondering what boho clothes are, it is used to refer to the bohemian clothing made famous in the sixties and commonly worn by people who considered themselves as free-spirited and unique. Today, the trend has come a long way, resurfacing once again, with a unique spin. The style is not just for party and music festival lovers, but for almost anyone who wants to pull off this style.

The trend of dressing in this fashion started in Europe and was infamous to the gypsy culture. Performers, fortune tellers and sometimes even travelers wore this kind of clothing. However, around the sixties, this fashion soon spread to other countries, to culminate in the boho trends that we have today.

Boho clothing usually involves the use of minimal loose clothing that has a good amount of accessories to bring it out. There are several combinations and elements that one can bring together to get that perfect boho chic look, and it involves extremely minimal effort.

The boho clothes style has always been about expressing yourself and being you. With the ton of boho clothing options that one has available to them, it is incredibly easy to put together a look that you like. Patterns and embroidery is a big part of the bohemian clothing trend. The style is for those who like big bold prints in a variety of colors, and even for those who like minimalist, one toned outfit. As we said earlier, there is a lot of variety in boho, and it is incredibly easy to embrace it.

There are several clothing options that can bring out your boho look. Accessories form a big part of the boho trend. With the right amount of well-paired accessories, is it easy to achieve this free, peace-loving look? Scarves, chunky jewelry, loose kaftans are great when trying to spice up your bohemian look. Bohemian looks are all about the layering. If you want to go for the full bohemian look, layer your clothes with a kaftan or scarf, and add a few chains and bracelets to complete your look.

If you are looking to start out your bohemian wardrobe, here is a list of some of the essentials to get you on the bohemian track.

A Maxi Skirt
Maxi Skirts are a bohemian style staple. The looser and free they are, the better.

Head Accessories
Flower crowns and headscarf headbands aren’t only for music festivals and help bring together your look.

A Bohemian Dress
Boho dresses that fall well and have bold prints are always a style statement and a great addition to a bohemian wardrobe.

Lace Crop Tops
Wear the crop top trend, the bohemian way with these versatile wardrobe staples.